Consuming sustainable seafood

Why bother with going to the effort of getting sustainable seafood?

If you enjoy eating seafood, and want to continue to eat it throughout your life, I would suggest you consider thinking about consuming sustainable products. Almost 80% of fish stocks are fully or over exploited, so fish for dinner could become a rare delicacy in the future. With more and more effort needed to go into catching the sparse remaining stocks, the price of seafood is bound to increase. Furthermore, as diver and lover of nature you should care about what seafood you buy; most dives would be very boring if there was no life to look at!

What can you do to make a difference?

Consumers of seafood can make a massive difference by putting pressure on supermarkets, to source sustainably. This means catching and farming seafood in away that is least harmful to the environment. Download the good fish guide on your phone or the pocket guide on your laptop from the Marine Conservation Society, to help you shop for the sustainable choice of seafood. The Marine Conservation Society also has on their website ‘Fish of the Month’ which are the most sustainable choices for the season with fantastic recipes. So check that out and give some of the recipes a try. You can also make a difference by spreading the word about sustainable seafood, encouraging your family and friends to choose sustainable products when in the supermarket. Furthermore, one of our biggest problems is that we like to eat the same fish every week, one really simple way to choose better is to mix it up! Don’t stick to the big 5 (Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Tuna and Prawns) widen your horizons and try something new!

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