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The Best Wreck Dives in Dingle Bay, Ireland

Wreck Diving - Dive Dingle Marine CentreDingle Bay has a rich history of wreck diving that can be found within a short boat trip from our Dive Centre in Dingle Harbour.

We have picked out some of our favourite wreck dives in Dingle:

The Three Brothers

A local fishing trawler, 30m of steel, that struck rocks nearly thirty years ago.  She lies in sheltered waters, lying between 18–30m, and has remained almost completely intact since then.   The structure of the wreck has become host to an abundance of vibrant and colourful anemones and sponges. Even the mast, complete with crows nest, remains unbroken, though you won’t see metal for the marine life encrusted on it.

Location: Near Black Head off the west point of Great Blasket Island

Verdict: A dive not to be missed and my own personal favourite.

U.S.S. Quebra

A historic steamer that lies 1in 5-40 metres of water .   It sank in 1916 whilst aiding the war effort.  The Quebra changed course to avoid a sited submarine and she ran on to treacherous rocks.

Her precious cargo, consisting of wire, brass sheeting and artillery shells, can now be found strewn across the rocky gullies, vying for attention amongst the abundant marine life. But beware; although the Navy cleared most of the live shells in the 1980s, some still remain!

The large boilers remain upright and intact and are home to numerous critters including Tompot Blennies, Conger Eels and Squat Lobsters to name but a few. The wreck has weathered many an Atlantic storm and the remainder of the wreck is somewhat broken up, but has formed a delightful artificial reef on which the local marine life has flourished.

Location: Off the north face of Great Blasket Island

Verdict: A great dive for both Wreckies and Naturalists alike.

The Manchester Merchant

This cargo liner that caught fire off the Irish coast. It was brought into Dingle Bay and was scuttled in 15 metres of sheltered water.

Above water you will be treated to glorious views of the MacGillycuddy Reeks on the Iveragh Peninsula to the south and the Sieve Mountains of the Dingle Peninsula to the north. Below water you will find a vast and largely intact wreck, which is teaming with Bib and Poor Mans Cod. It is also home to many large Lobsters, Velvet Swimming Crabs and other Crustaceans.

Location: Close to Inch Beach and the Cromane mussel beds

Verdict: An ideal wreck dive for all levels of diver

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